Occupy the Temple Mount

Occupy the Temple Mount

One said to me,

On a recent visit to the Temple Mount, a man said to me: “The Mosque belongs to us, everything else up here belongs to the Jews!”

That statement is politically correct and also explains the sudden Muslim activity in the area. Call it occupation or squatting, this is an attempt to “prove” the entire Temple Mount belongs to “Palestine.”

UN Update – the Speeches

As I watched the live stream from the UN it felt that God was watching as intently as I was. I thank him that someone had the good sense to change the schedule and Bibi spoke about 2:30 rather than 9:00. Abbas Tumultuous applause greeted Mr Abbas and he rose to the...


Today much of the Church doesn’t read the prophets (or they allegorize them). Thus they remain ignorant of the significance TO THEIR OWN LIVES of the decisions their countries are making in relationship to Israel. I believe that we are truly entering into the time of Ezekiel 38-39. I will not set dates, but our lives are about to change – drastically. It might not be upon the vote of the UN on the 23rd, it might take a year or two. But change it will.

Lessons from Tisha b’Av

The lesson from Tisha b’Av and the witness of Israel is that God will NOT be mocked. What we sow we will reap. As I read the fatal promise of Israel I wept. I wept for God whose love and holiness was so mocked as the people continued not only to disobey, but to worship other gods. They blatantly continued to sacrifice to the Queen of heaven even on the sacred streets of Jerusalem. How patient was God!

Eventually the Faithful and True had to respond. He cleansed the Land, He cleansed the people. And He came to save them.


God’s word is alive and powerful to accomplish His purposes. Therefore use the word when praying for Israel!  God wrote it and He will accomplish it. [Scripture references and comment suggested by IHOP Missions Base, Kansas City, MO] Genesis: 49:1 ...


The LORD builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.  (Ps 147:2-3) The move to Jerusalem was more than just a change of address, it was, quite unexpectedly, a major change of life style....

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